Saturday, May 10, 2014

I Have A Dream For Me - and For You

I have a dream for you - and for me. My lover and I both have the same dream - for us all.

What we want is a better life. A life without worry and a slower pace. A life without a silly mortgage, a suburban home in a beige town an hour away from Melbourne and a life away from society, community rules and horrendous bills.

What we want to replace that with is a life where we have no worries, no fears, no bitterness at governments trying to draw blood out of a stone and a life where we can offer you life experience in your home, in your quiet community and overseas, each and every year.

This is a our dream:
  • Renovate and redo our home to make it as sellable as possible - all as cheaply as possible (but as high quality as possible)
  • To buy land in Victoria, Australia - as remote as we can get, but close enough to good schools.
  • To build a sustainable home (possibly made of shipping containers) on our land with our money, not the banks money.
  • To plant an orchard and build vegetable patches
  • To grow and slaughter our own food
  • To live quietly and simply off the grid and away from the 'system'
A timeline for doing this is the next 18 months - and on the smell of an oily rag.

We'll chat more on this...

Love Ness

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