Saturday, May 10, 2014

I Have A Dream For Me - and For You

I have a dream for you - and for me. My lover and I both have the same dream - for us all.

What we want is a better life. A life without worry and a slower pace. A life without a silly mortgage, a suburban home in a beige town an hour away from Melbourne and a life away from society, community rules and horrendous bills.

What we want to replace that with is a life where we have no worries, no fears, no bitterness at governments trying to draw blood out of a stone and a life where we can offer you life experience in your home, in your quiet community and overseas, each and every year.

This is a our dream:
  • Renovate and redo our home to make it as sellable as possible - all as cheaply as possible (but as high quality as possible)
  • To buy land in Victoria, Australia - as remote as we can get, but close enough to good schools.
  • To build a sustainable home (possibly made of shipping containers) on our land with our money, not the banks money.
  • To plant an orchard and build vegetable patches
  • To grow and slaughter our own food
  • To live quietly and simply off the grid and away from the 'system'
A timeline for doing this is the next 18 months - and on the smell of an oily rag.

We'll chat more on this...

Love Ness

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Life Lesson - Pressure

Dear You Know Who

Pressures in life can be absolutely shit - no doubt. You felt pressure just after you were born - oh dear! I am cold! How do I get warm!, you felt pressure at school - am I doing good enough? am I talking too much? is my hair colour okay? You felt pressure last night when you realised you hadn't done the work you were supposed to do and you had to finish it, even though you were so very tired and wanted desperately to feel the warmth of bed.

There are many different type of pressure. Personal pressure you put on yourself, pressure people put on you to offer something, be someone or to just help them -  and pressure from society and the world to be what they want you to be. It's almost a fact of life - at the start, anyway. Until you can stand on your own two feet, live on this earth individually and make your own mind up.

I think the only real pressure that counts is the one you put on yourself. Are you happy? If not, you feel a little self-pressure to change things to be happy. Are you sad? If you are, then you feel a little self-pressure to try and escape those dark feelings. Are you where you want to be in life? etc etc - I could ask a million questions, here. See what I mean about self-pressure? It's the internal questioning of where you are. The gut feeling language.

Self-pressure is our own way of leading ourselves to a fulfilled life, I think. External pressure can take us off that track a multitude of times a day. External pressures need to be analysed to see whether they have a positive or negative impact on your life. Don't accept them just because it's your friend, your loved ones or your government telling you that's the ways things are and should be. Always question the pressure.

And always keep your self-pressure in check, my love. Don't be too hard on yourself. How do you know if you're being too hard on yourself? Easy - when you don't think you're good enough or doing good enough. As, at the end of each day you live, you've lived and hopefully lived well and tried your best.

If you've tried your honest best there's nothing more that should ever be asked of you - by anyone, including yourself.

Love Ness

Friday, May 2, 2014

A Message To You

Dear You Know Who

I am drawn to this place so that I may cultivate a quiet space to chat to you from.

There is so much I want to say, but I only remember these thoughts when I have a nice, peaceful mind. As you know, our current days are a whirl of....mindless bullshit? and living as a loving family...and in those hours spent doing as society wants me to do, I simply forget what I have learned and want to impart.

I'll write again soon....

xx Ness

PS. I am glad I took this first step.